The duties of the property manager

The duties of the property manager are administrative, economical and technical. The administrative duties consist of meetings, property contracts, surveillance, the company’s employment conditions, and responsibility for information. Economic planning and accounting is part of the economic duties. The technical duties consist of arrangement of property management, maintenance, and repair and building matters. 

Administrative duties

The property manager works in near contact with the company’s board of directors, shareholders and the residents. The property manager takes care of the information to the stakeholders and to the residents and takes also care of the maintenance of the company’s information in its entirety. 


The property manager takes the role of a secretary during meetings and ensures the legality and quorum of the meeting. The property manager deals also with preparations of documentation for the board in support of the decisions and implements decisions made. In addition to this the duties consists of mediating summonses to the shareholders at the general meeting in accordance with the articles of association and in accordance with the Housing Companies act.  The property manager participates in company meetings, acts as a secretary and at the request of the board, informs about the company’s position and current matters.


When drafting and managing contracts , the property manager always strives for a solution in the company’s interest in accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors or the Annual General Meeting. The property manager ensures the timeliness of the contracts and the proper tendering of new contracts, arranges the necessary contract negotiations and handles any contract disputes. The property manager is in charge of the property’s direct employment contract and associated contingent liabilities and obligations. 

Management and surveillance

The  property manager works for the benefit of the property in accordance with the company’s agreed strategy. The property manager monitors that the property follow the laws and regulations applying safety, health and order. The property manager is the contact person for property management and also to others whom produces services for the housing company, simultaneously securing the quality of the services. 

Economical duties

In accordance with the Housing Companies act the property manager takes care of that the money moevement is arranged in a reliable way and that the accounting meets the requirements of the law. 

Technical duties

The property manager ensures that the property is usable, functional and that the maintenance of the property’s value in collaboration with the property owner goes towards the agreed plan.